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Pink Salt Tiles

Pink Salt Tiles Providing Highest Quality Himalayan Pink Salt Products like Himalayan Pink Salt Tiles and Pink Salt Bricks on Wholesale

Salt Tiles 8"x4"x1"

Salt Tiles Size 8"x4"x0.75"

Salt Adhesive

  • Home Decoration

    The Client Used the Bricks to Decor the Home. This is one of the Best Way to use The Himalayan Pink Salt Bricks

  • Spa Center

    Himalayan Salt Tiles also used in Spas to Make Salt Rooms and Pink Salt Wall Salt Sauna Sessions Increase Blood Flow Under The Skin and much Like in The Lining of the Lungs

  • Office Project

    Decorate With Himalayan SaltΒ Tiles in your Home, Office, Bedroom, Kitchen, in your Bathroom, or Anywhere else you Want and Get Cleanse and Detoxify The Air